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what is giromax giromax is a top recognized brand and trusted in the commercial roofing industry and cladding sector throughout united kingdom. giromax range of products deliver optimal performance, corrosion resistant and uV technology to commercial refurbishment and cladding. each refurbishment project involving giromax technology come with a specific guarantee given after installation is completion. goco team has a long standing partnership with giromax as an approved supplier and applicator, and offer the highest level of expertise through their wealth of onsite experience and extensive product knowledge.

giromax Products can Be used For: - hygienic coatings - roof coating - Flooring - intumescent coatings - general decor - anti-carbon coating - Paint and curtain coating - tank coatings

Major giromax Products used By goco Property services

delcote(reg) this is a silicone coating designed for re-coating the roof, and also wall cladding substrates such as masonry, cement, concrete, asbestos, polyurethane foam and several unpainted or painted sufaces. it is ideal for installing and reinstalling a protective layer to a profiled metal cladding where the standard 200-micron application will provide protection, which is equal to or better than the original or initial coating.

delcote Main advantages: Primer-less primer on most substrates. - long lasting - this product has a worldwide admiration and a life expectancy of more than 20 years. - it can be used with the seaMsilr 100 corrosion repair. - temperature and uV resistant that promises even longer life. - it has got a proven long-term protection against corrosion on metal roofs. - it provides an air permeable membrane for the protection of asbestos and cement or concrete surfaces.

seaMsil(reg) this is a unique repair system developed by delvemade silicone limits, in collaboration with ge silicones, it is a part of the general electric company in america. the system was developed at first to put an end to the problems of cut edge corrosion steel roofs, but it is now popular for being effecting in the treatment, control, and protection against any situation where metal sheets are exposed to moisture from the atmosphere. so it doesn't matter what you need, be it a new protective coating, or you just want your sheet being refurbished, you might also want treatment against corrosion, it doesn't matter the level of expertise you need, Blueroof services is just all you need to help you make the most of your resources time and budget.

seamsil Main advantages: - extraordinarily designed to help provide care to a high tough elastic seal to avoid further deterioration of already damaging areas. - highly durable and does not give to the tension of being under uV or any of the extreme weather conditions. - withstands normal surface movement with its unusual elastic and flexible properties.

girocote(reg) girocote is a low sheen odor, emissions compliant coating which is designed for application for brush or sprays over existing PVdF coated steel and PVc. it offers an aesthetic and pleasing protection for the redecoration and restructuring of tiled metal wall cladding panels. it is generally applied in two layers or coat, not necessarily having to prime, and it is also suitable for the application to a variety of common building components, including mild sheets, galvanized steel, and sheets.

the profiled wall metal coating may have a long service life if properly maintained. But if it is overlooked, and maybe repaint guidelines are ignored, then need arises for replacement even before the usual time. if you use a wrong initial coating material, then you risk painting again now and then which is more expensive.

about us goco Property services team is experts in coatings, and are fully approved and trained in the use of every member product of the giromax technology range. at goco, we pride in the correct and efficient use of the entire giromax products range, and are sure to beat your expectations. think of asbestos roofst asphalt roofs, Metal cladded roofs, covering facade spraying and much moret then look no further.

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